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SaaS Movement is a conference packed with content on how to launch global SaaS projects from central Europe. Skilled european SaaS builders from Algolia, ChartMogul or ProductBoard will meet in September in Brno, Czechia. This time we are gonna bring even more insightful SaaS content focused on marketing, product and sales.

What to expect?

Take a look at last year

Last year Michal Pastier from Exponea rocked the stage along with guys (and girls!) from Avast, CDN77 or ROI Hunter. Amazing speakers shared the best know-how the central European SaaS scene has to offer. You can watch last year’s presentations by the way.


European SaaS builders meet in Brno

We have put together a list of the best SaaS entrepreneurs Czechia and Slovakia has to offer. But this year we went even further and confirmed foreign speakers who work in some of the fastest growing European SaaS companies. Lot of them will fly in to Brno just for SaaS Movement.

Tomas Rehor, Engineering Lead of Prague office

How to build and scale an innovative SaaS product

Pipedrive has 220 people in R&D split into 8 major teams. Tomas is running the one in Prague and will share how their organisation structure and very open and autonomous culture enables effective product management decisions and execution. He is going to provide insights on scaling development of a SaaS product based on his extensive experience from Skype, Microsoft and, of course, Pipedrive.

Tomas Rehor, Engineering Lead of Prague office

Product Growth Manager

Challenges of scaling from 1 salesperson to a global sales team

Vojtech, back then first customer-facing role at Kentico Cloud will share his lessons learned from Kentico’s internal journey from traditional on-prem solution selling to modern innovative SaaS. What were the biggest challenges of scaling from 1 customer-facing role to a global sales team at Kentico?

Vojtech Boril, Product Growth Manager

Zuzana Kudelova, SaaS sales consultant at Salesmic (ex-Gartner)

Common mistakes when building SaaS sales teams & fixes

Zuzana has been running her biz dev & sales consultancy - Salesmic - since she exited from GetApp/Gartner (NYSE:IT) in 2018. She focuses on $0-$12M ARR SaaS startups and will come to speak about the most common mistakes she sees SaaS companies make when building their first sales teams or addressing performance issues with later stage teams. She'll share tips for mitigating and preventing the common mistakes.

Zuzana Kudelova, SaaS sales consultant at Salesmic (ex-Gartner)


The rise and (my) fall in product at LMC

Dave will look back on his past 8 years as business owner & product manager in LMC (mobile, & Prace za Rohem) and the positive transformations the product department has gone through. He'll share what is there to learn but maybe more importantly what fuck-ups he thinks can be avoided in your growing product organization by applying a no-nonsense and stripped down attitude to product management.

Dave Ruzius, Business owner & product manager (ex-LMC)

Andrus Purde, ex-Head of marketing, Pipedrive

A useful no-BS marketing framework for early stage companies

One thing that doesn’t hold you back in startup marketing is the lack of options for models, frameworks, and opinions on what to spend your time on. And so many spread themselves too thin between too many channels and experiments. Based on marketing lessons from Pipedrive, Skype, Bolt, Outfunnel and other companies, Andrus will offer a tried-and-tested framework for startups to pick their battles and maximize chances of success.

Andrus Purde, CEO at Outfunnel (ex-Head of Marketing, Pipedrive)

Adam Surak z Algolie

How Algolia got from zero to 300 employees in 5 years

Adam is leading a team of 13 people making sure Algolia's complex infrastructure runs as smooth as possible. Flying in all the way from Paris, he will talk about meteoric rise of Algolia as one of the hottest startups in Europe with VC investments reaching $74M. Adam started there as employee no. 8. In second part of his presentation, he will say a few words about how his team is managing infrastructure, network and security in Agolia.

Adam Surak, Director of Infrastructure


Exponea journey and its transformation as it continues to grow

Peter will pick up where Michal Pastier left off last year and talk about how Exponea grew from 100 to 160 employees. He will reveal new challenges they are tackling - from revamping product, sales and marketing to becoming a data-driven company - to sustain their fast growth.

Peter Jakus, Head of Exponea Academy & Analytics consultant

Radek Hudák, CMO Shoptet

How we do community marketing in Shoptet, the way to Mordor and back again

The net is full of these terms. Customer focus design, influence marketing, brand ambassadors, and other terms that only describe that the company should take care of their customers. Let's look at how we care about customers in Shoptet.

Radek Hudák, CMO


How to prioritize development when working on a new product

Martin is a product manager responsible for protection products in Avast. He currently works on a new hardware/software product which is going to be launched in the summer of 2019. 50+ people at Avast works on this project for more than 12 months. Martin will share how they gather user feedback, prioritize features on the product roadmap, how they coordinate across teams on such a large scale project and how funny is to sell hardware.

Martin Zima, Senior product manager

Does your company have a Data strategy? Why you should have one and how to start to build one

Data are all-around us and we hear the data are new oil, gold, money, unicorns,… Can be data productised? How to approach working with data from a product perspective. What are the biggest challenges when being data driven and how did it change in past 10 Years based on Michael’s experience from GoodData, AVG and You will get a look what means a data strategy, why you need one and how to start building one.

Michael Stencl, Head of BI

Veronika Miňovská, Sales & Marketing Director, PPC specialist

Product SaaS targeting in Google Display Network

The target for SaaS products is often relatively specific, and it is difficult for Google display to target it and not to burn a lots of money. We'll show you which types of targeting for SaaS make the most sense, and Veronika will tell you a few "hacks" that maybe you or your PPC agency did not think about.

Veronika Miňovská, Sales & Marketing Director, PPC specialist

Veronika Miňovská
Lukáš Konarovský, Doer, Fakturoid

Transition to “Fakturoid 2.0”: lessons learned

Lukas built one of the most popular invoicing apps in Czech Republic. Fakturoid is a love brand and a true embodiment of a lean startup with its team of only 8 people. Lukas will share his experience with transition to "Fakturoid 2.0”. A smooth product update from a customer standpoint kept the Fakturoid team busy for a year and a half. Lukas will shed some light on what exactly they worked on and if everything went as planned.

Lukáš Konarovský, Doer

Ingmar Zahorsky, VP of Customer Success, Chartmogul

How to build a customer success team in a SaaS startup

Ingmar is coming from Berlin to talk about customer success. He has built a customer success team from scratch in Chartmogul, an analytics platform for subscription business with $4M investment. Ingmar’s approach is having a cross-department customer success, where every team in the company is involved. He will also reveal details about Chartmogul’s recent transition to fully remote company, having 35 employees all over the globe.

Ingmar Zahorsky, VP of Customer Success

Celia Curbelo, Product owner, Cleverbridge

How to manage product development and remote teams

Celia is responsible for two product teams in Cleverbridge with 10 people in each one. She will reveal how she is using OKR methodology to run the teams, create product roadmaps and evaluate what features to develop. While she's based in Germany, one of her teams is located in Ukraine. So she will also share experience on managing a remote team and challenges she encountered while doing so.

Celia Curbelo, Product owner

Michal Pecánek, Marketing Manager

Leverage your SEO potential

International SaaS projects allow you to boost your SEO with tactics that are often not possible to execute on smaller markets. On top of these, Michal will share a few not well-known tips and tricks which work great for SaaS and tech companies.

Michal Pecánek, Marketing Manager

Pavel Safarik, Product Leader, ROI Hunter, ROI Hunter

How does ROI Hunter manage and prioritize product development

Pavel is an idea maker who is leading the development of the ROI Hunter platform and participating in strategic planning. He will share how is he managing a fast growing product team, currently with 30 members - what metrics do they track, how they prioritize development queue and more.

Pavel Šafařík, Product Leader, ROI Hunter

ROI Hunter
Ondra Sedlacek, CEO & cofounder, Satismeter

Acquisition strategy based on integration

Satismeter has earned up to 70% of US customers through integration and partnership building. Ondra will tell us how to get support for Intercom and Segment, and how to identify which integrations are good to focus on and how to prioritize them. He will also talk about their international lean team and what they are focusing on when creating the first global SaaS startup in Prague.

Ondra Sedlacek, CEO & cofounder

Ondrej Machek, Product leader, Smartlook

How to migrate infrastructure to AWS and don’t go broke

Ondra is in charge of product in Smartlook, managing an inhouse team of 12 developers and designers. Having previous experience from Silicon Valley, he migrated production infrastructure of Smartlook to AWS in 3 months. Ondra is going to reveal how he build a cloud-ready Smartlook backend - infrastructure costs went up only 30 % compared to managed server hosting - while significantly improving scalability, uptime and decreasing maintenance work.

Ondrej Machek, Product leader


Making no little plans while staying small

Martin will talk about how he got hired out of over 750 applicants and got a job at a fast-growing US startup Baremetrics ($800k VC funding). He will share how they get things done in 8 person team and all the learnings from a journey of helping companies grow their business using subscription analytics.

Martin Rariga, Lead Product Designer

How to build a LinkedIn Content strategy from scratch if your CLTV is higher than 500€

Ricardo will talk about a unique approach to generate and nurture high quality leads on LinkedIn, without sending spammy messages or wasting ads that don't convert.

Ricardo Ghekiere, Founder

Go local: Localization as part of acquisition strategy

Tomas will show Avast approach to localization and translations. How do they decide which countries to localize? How does translated website and product impact conversions? Tomas will answer all that and more in his talk.

Tomas Janu, Director of Go Local strategy

Topic - to be announced

To be announced.

Lukas Mehnert, CMO

Topic - to be announced

To be announced.

Martin Souček, CMO

Berlin startup & VC scene from view of a founder

To be announced.

Ondrej Kuchta, startup founder & engineer

Sales in SaaS - how did we get from 20 customers to 600

Juraj will share how he grew Kontentino customer base via pure sales. He is going to reveal how to do demo calls with 45 % close rate and how did they land customers as Asahi, Škoda Auto, IKEA, Huawei or BBDO through hard work in sales. Juraj is actually coming to Brno all the way from California, where he recently relocated from Slovakia to do global sales for Kontentino.

Juraj Zamborský, Head of Sales

More speakers will be announced.

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